Why does Julia have a Youtube Channel? / by Love You Back Productions

I identify as a strong creative type.  What do I create? Videos.  To be more specific, Weenta and I create videos for other people.  

The work of videographer boils down to a fine expression of other people.  This "other people" notion informs Weenta Productions' mission statement: "we truly believe our role [as videographers] is as much about supporting you as it is about working the camera."  

Both Weenta and I truly value our connections with others.  We also love working quietly and efficiently behind the scenes.  However, as much as I enjoy these creative and social modes of work- I am quite a talker. 

To bridge the two strong bends in my personality- creative and social, I started a Youtube channel.  The channel theme is "Space Future Uploads."  My friend Maximus Thaler is currently working on his PhD in evolutionary biology at SUNY Binghamton while Weenta Productions creates beautiful videos in New Orleans.   

Such a creative enterprise is rather personal.  The opportunity to share "Space Future Uploads" on Weenta Productions' blog space means so much.  Here is our introduction video.