Hello? Apprehension about Making the Sales Call / by Love You Back Productions

How I feel about upcoming sales calls. 

How I feel about upcoming sales calls. 


That line is taken directly from this week's business meeting notes.

Julia and I just started advertising our business.

Part of advertising means starting to call up brides over the phone and tell them why they should work with us over any other videographers. Basically, we're starting to get into sales.

We're slowly realizing that being awesome videographers is great, but it means nothing without being able to sell ourselves and our product. 

I've always felt the act of selling was sleazy and being a salesperson was a sleazy profession. I think a lot of people look at salespeople this way. People who sell are using manipulation--or sometimes straight up lies--to convince you to buy something. 

This is exactly the kind of thinking that I'm trying to un-learn because otherwise, we can't grow this business.

Julia and I are reading a book right now called "The Secrets to Closing the Sale," by Zig Ziglar (try saying that name out loud. What a name!).

Reading this book is helping me to do this un-learning. Ziglar says being a good salesperson is about love and honesty. It's about helping people solve their problems. 

"A sale is something we do for someone," he says.

As long as you have a good product to back up your sales pitch, you should feel proud to be a salesperson.

He says if you think about it, many of your customers will be using your product long after you've spent the money from the sale. Really, it's the customer that benefits the most from the sale in the long run. 

In our case, our brides are benefitting from our videography for a lifetime. Their return is much greater than just a sale. Still, the thought of being a salesperson takes some getting used to.

We're studying up on how to sell our business and our product. We'll soon be making sales calls to brides. I want to feel like my most authentic self on the phone and not like a salesperson. So far I've learned, if you're doing it right, the two are one in the same. 

On that note, I leave you with this Erykah Badu song. The whole album is telephone themed. It's an ode to all the "Hellos" I'll be making on my calls. 

Erykah Badu makes badass sales calls.