Skepticism and Living with an Open Heart / by Love You Back Productions

This morning, I had a conversation about skepticism and how it may be blocking me from having enthusiasm and an open heart. I think this is true, but I still hold on to my skepticism because I believe it's protecting me from disappointment. I think I feel this way because we're in the hard part of building our business right now--finishing our website, making contacts and working on marketing--I'm feeling skeptical that things could be easy and that good things will come my way.

This brings me to this video about Roy. When I first approached Roy on the street to do a video portrait, he said yes as if we knew each other and it was only natural that he would let me film him. Later, it turned out there had been a miscommunication--when he met me and saw my camera he assumed I wanted to take his portrait. Knowing that I was there to film him instead made him uneasy; we had a conversation about my intention behind making the video and I assured him that if he didn't like the final edit, I could change it. Ultimately he decided that he had a good feeling about me, a feeling he could trust, and so he pushed past his own skepticism. He decided to live with an open heart.  

Open-heartedness is a value that I live by, and it's what makes filmmaking thrilling. The best days are when you have someone in front of your camera whose presence is rooted in open-heartedness and authenticity. They're placing their trust in you--that you will be honest and fair in your portrayal. Roy admitted after our interview that he told me some things he wasn't supposed to tell me, meaning, he really opened up--another way in which he lead with an open heart, and I was mindful of that when editing the final piece. I usually don't have backing music for these videos, but this video includes Roy's guitar playing, which made a nice soundtrack for the video. In the end, Roy didn't request any edits, which always makes me feel like I really hit the mark as a videographer.