Isn't interesting - being away for awhile can sharpen even the most familiar scene? / by Love You Back Productions

Last week, our Co-Director- Julia Elizabeth Evans - was out of the office.  Her thoughts now concern travel photography.  Taken in Cuzco, Peru - December 2012, a young boy reaches out to touch and then to quickly glide past the incomparable stone walls of ancient Incan architecture. 

This photo was taken in August 2013 while away with the family in Florence, Italy.  Crowds and summer heat almost wore me out, but this radiant sculpture jolted me awake. The setting is the Piazza della Signoria.  


Last week, Julia, our Co-Director, left town.  It was an impromptu trip.  MSY -> PDX.  

While away, Julia asked a simple question on Weenta Productions' Instagram, "Isn't interesting how being away for awhile can sharpen even the most familiar scenes?"

To add context to this series of Instagram posts, read on. 


Without much detail, I'll just say this - my trip was not for pleasure nor was it for business.  A medical emergency as experienced by my committed partner of 3 years rushed me away from the swells of a productive autumn swing.  

My October went like this - 6am walks on the levee proceeded highly productive work weeks with Weenta. I was lovin' it.  I was not likin' the idea of a trip nor the fog of crisis that came with it.  All this happening out of the blue, I felt so frustrated, isolated,  and angry.  To be real, it seemed like any and all major human emotions imposed last week.   Amid all the flux, the moment I saw my partner's face, I screamed.  Jumped up and down.  Ran up and down the baggage terminal.  I started up all sorts of commotion. 

Hey, what was with all that racket?, I now reflect to myself. Why not?, I respond. My love and I were reunited! 

Oh wow, wait one moment, think - Julia! Something else happened! 

My nerves and emotions vanished. All my commotion must have shook the feelings off.  Perhaps.

In any case, love brought clarity.   On Sunday, October 30th, hand-in-hand, my partner and I returned home to New Orleans.  And now, my feelings are simple - I am glad to be home. 

Royal Street, New Orleans, LA. November 2015.  Isn't interesting how the being away for awhile can sharpen even the most familiar scenes?