What inspires us to dream big / by Love You Back Productions

Now that's the kind of wedding video we want to make. Shot by Alex Colby

I send Julia bits and pieces of inspiring content every week. 

This week, I sent her one of the most amazing wedding videos I've ever seen. It was shot by Alex Colby, a freelance videographer from New York. The couple who got married were Nigerian and New Orleanian and 80% of their vendors were black.

They call their wedding the "Biggity Blackest Wedding of All Time." 

After watching it, Julia wrote back, "We've got to figure out slo-mo."

New Orleans does everything different, it just does. This video reminds me of what a special place we're in and the amazing people and settings we get to film. 

Julia and I are in a phase of our business where we're figuring out what makes us unique. Part of developing that unique quality is looking around at our competition and deciding what we want to avoid and what we might want to emulate. 

This week while scrolling through forums on video production, I found another business whose structure and values overlap with ours. 

They're called Stillmotion. Check out their vimeo page. Their films are all about people making change in the world, both in the US and abroad. They've expanded their business to include Muse, an educational platform that teaches people how to tell better stories about their cause or brand.

What's most inspiring for me about Stillmotion is how they got their start. It was actually a wedding highlight video that they did FOR FREE that got them noticed. 

What's even more amazing is that this video was shot by ONE person, using two cameras. 

Someone from the NFL watched this video and was so impressed that they hired Stillmotion to produce a 12 part series for NFL and CBS. Since then they've produced tons of videos for big time sports organizations. You can read their full company story on their blog. 

Finding Stillmotion was totally validating. It gives me faith that our business model isn't a total outlier. Others have been on our path and made it work. 

Of course, in order to be truly competitive we have to build something that sets us apart from our competition, something with a strong value proposition that's difficult to replicate. Still, I can't help but look around at what other people are making and dream of someday being just as big--or perhaps even bigger.