Julia and Weenta Make Music Videos / by Love You Back Productions

Hello world! 

Julia and I are adding a blog to our website so you can get to know us better as filmmakers. We're constantly making work for Weenta Productions as well as producing independent projects. This is the space where we get to share the messy behind the scenes process, for better or for worse. This is also a fun experiment in keeping up with a blog, which, personally, has always been impossible for me to do. Hopefully this time it will stick!

Julia is a Cancer and I'm a Scorpio, which makes for a perfect partnership in my book, but as in any partnership, we bring different perspectives to the table as makers and creative beings, which you'll be able to tell as you read our alternating posts. 

For our first blog post, Julia and I wanted to share with you 2 videos we helped produce this past Spring through NOVAC's music video production course. Both Julia and I have been producing videos independently for awhile now, but music videos production is something neither of us had done before. We were part of a crew that made videos for 2 artists, Tank and the Bangas and Trumpet Black and the Heart Attacks. The class is how Julia and I met.

I joined the class as a die hard fan of Tank and the Bangas. Tank is an amazing live performer with a way of joining theater, RnB, neo-soul and spoken word in a way that's always dynamic and unexpected.

Throughout the process of working with the video production crew, our Scorpio and Cancer vibes were calling out to one another; Julia and I often found ourselves agreeing on the types of shots we liked best or making the same suggestions. 

Julia and I kept in touch with each other after the class, and a few months later I called her to propose a partnership. At the time we were both feeling isolated working alone, and each of us desperately wished to have someone to hold us accountable to our respective work. It wasn't long before Julia decided she would join Weenta Productions as co-director and we would run the company as a joint venture. 

The two videos you see below are really how it all began. We assisted Ben Simmons, the director of Tank and the Bangas "Oh Heart" music video and Cameron Wheeless the director of The Good Life video. Biliana Grozdanova was the production manager on both videos. Assisting along with Julia and I were Carl Harrison, Laura Altfisher and Christi Gregurich. Not only did we get to work with some awesome artists and take part in a second line in the Treme, but the artists got their music videos for free! Just another way NOVAC is giving back to the community and bringing media makers like Julia and I together. Thanks NOVAC. See the two videos below.