Poetry Over Ideas - Julia's Reflections / by Love You Back Productions

We are nearing September. Weenta and I are set to work full-time together.  

But allow me to reflect on the time I spent away from New Orleans. My travels were a full Tour du Nor, tour of America’s northern states.  I started in upstate New York.  Companions and clean air made for perfect respite, whereupon my screenplay completed itself.   My time in New York inspired my new youtube channel.  

The west then called me hither.   Morose clouds and rocky beaches in Oregon then on to twilight blue valleys of Washington, the state where mountains look large figurative drawings in the distanceFinally after very engaged 30 days of traveling, I finished out in Aspen, Colorado. 

Aspen is my home, always has been.  I know all the strokes of that valley, and here is a small document from my time there.  Since I only brought my 1968 Canon SLR, XL film camera, the below video is not HD footage.  Footage taken on an old iPhone 5, mind you not the greatest quality.  Though, I believe the feeling comes through.  

Now, let me say one more thing, New Orleans welcomes me with such grace.  Riding around on my bike, back home in the city I am humbled to call my own, a warmth reaches me.  I cannot wait for all projects, events, weddings in store and still coming for the fall/winter.

My next blog post is set to include a collage of all the film photography prints taken on my sojourn. 

This video values poetry. Poetry over ideas. Now, here. This is seeing beauty as though through the eyes of Andrei Tarkovsky. Solyaris, baebii! "Invisible/Visible," Composition by Taylor McFerrin. Featuring Bobby McFerrin and César Camargo Mariano. /Early Riser/ Brainfeeder © 2014.