The Things You Do / by Love You Back Productions

I met Wayne near my house on St. Phillip st. I'd seen him and his buddies hanging out on their front steps most days at dusk. I wasn't sure who I would film that day but it felt easy to approach these guys. I knew they had seen me around--most people recognize me as "that girl on her bike," even if we've never spoken. I walked off the street and up to the gate and said hello. Wayne spoke for the group and asked, "What do you want?" 

He might have seemed like a grump on the outside, but when I asked if I could film one of them, he volunteered. What resulted was the best short film I've made since I started this experiment of filming someone every day, although after we filmed it and even through the editing process, it didn't strike me as any different than the rest. It was only after watching other people's reactions did I realize how special it turned out to be. It's really a testament to the incredible honesty and openness of the people of New Orleans.