King Cakes, a whole season of ‘em / by Love You Back Productions

Two years ago, around the end of carnival season, my body met its breaking point.  To anyone’s surprise, the downturn did not come by way of too much Mardi Gras revelry nor any second line shenanigans.  Nope. It was the baking, the rolling, the filling, the twisting, the throwing, the braiding, and finally the icing of too many King Cakes, that is, the prize gems of New Orleans’ time-honored carnival gastronomy.  

However, New Orleans humbled me. King Cakes, a whole season of ‘em, became a rite of passage.  The labor, if but entirely exhausting, offered a final push, whereupon the time had come to no longer settle.  Living in the Big Easy, I worked hard to craft a new means of living, a new means of serving my city.   

I figured, “why not live a creative life in a creative city?”  Immediately then, New Orleans opened her arms and welcomed me into her fold. Here is a video I produced during my first few months in New Orleans.  Video production is my craft and my passion.   This passion turned into my vocation.  Now, I am thrilled to channel passion and craft in my new role as co-director of Weenta Productions. 

With love,

Julia Elizabeth Evans