Young Love / by Love You Back Productions

This couple is in love and they couldn't be cuter. 

Do you remember that high school boyfriend or girlfriend you had right before you split for college? What would you have said if someone had interviewed the two of you about your relationship? 

I met Lashonda and Russel (with one L) on the same street as Wayne, my previous video profile. Lashonda and Russel live in two different neighborhoods 3 miles apart, and Russel comes to see her when he's by his cousin's house, who also lives by her. Lashonda said the last time Russel got on her nerves was when he said he was coming over and she waited for him but he never showed up. Russel said he did come by but she wasn't there so he left. You can tell that even when they're talking about each other's pet peeves, they're really never too far from stopping to joke and smile at one another. They might even remind you of your first puppy love.