We nailed it!!! | Discussion on the Finer Points of Video Production / by Love You Back Productions

"Please scroll down to read about 'Finer Points of Video Production.' "

"Please scroll down to read about 'Finer Points of Video Production.' "

This year is all about simplicity and serenity.  That means, this blog post will be be short and sweet! ... I hope. :D  

(Spoiler: Brevity and I have yet to realize our full potential.)


Watch this video to understand the following discussion about the "Finer Points of Video Productions."

In a van, overnight, we traveled from New Orleans to Austin. Performing side by side two other local New Orleans artists - Fedi 'Grindz' Davis and JéCorleon - Erica Jackson proved her status as Queen E Marie. Angelei Star assisted with recording. Julia E took control of direction, shooting, and editing. Special thanks goes to the city of Austin, Esther Follies, organizers of SXSW 2015 Hip Hop Supreme, Isis , Eris, and Will. - Julia Elizabeth Evans, June 2015

Please scroll down to read about the "Finer Points of Video Production."  Also, thank y'all for your patience. Really.


Meaning is variable. As in, themes like simplicity and serenity are subject to different interpretations by any given person at any given moment in time.  Right now, what simplicity and serenity means to me is: expectation is to be cut out of life. Cut out, all together.  

Hold those horses, Julia. Let’s be real.  Avoid expectations...?  Yup. Cut out expectations, all together? Yup.  But, that’s impossible.  As the easily excitable, happy-go-lucky human beings we all are, expectation is what we do.  To expect something of ourselves…of someone else….of other people....That’s intrinsic to being human.

Now, if that’s all true, then why would I seek to expel expectation from my life?   Do I have some kind of Sisyphus complex?  No.  I don't think so. Do I intend to go the way of a monk-on-the-mountain?  No.  Definitely not.  

Words like goal-oriented, talkative, inquisitive describe me best.  Okay, and now, you may be thinking, “expectations guarantee results, as in - certain, tangible outcomes. Right?” Also, one might presume,“expectations are part and parcel to business."  At this point, one might even be thinking outloud, "what is this lady talking about?? ‘Cut out expectations,’ huh?”

Here’s my interpretation/humble understanding of things:  

Expectations hinder peaceful outcomes.

Expectation, basically anticipation and attachment of and to a certain outcome or outcomes, guarantees nothing tangible and ensures quite the opposite, that is, highly palpable and deeply irritating, intangible, uncomfortable situations, i.e. stress and anxiety.  Moreover, there is no such thing as a "certain, tangible outcome." 

Weenta is better at memes than me. -Julia, Friday, January 20, 2017.

In my experience, expectations transform simple situations into messy, stress factories.   Oof.  How?  Well, expectation results from a desire to control circumstances and others involved within them.  This desire to control is cause for conflict.    Conflict can produce any number of crazy, stress factory outcomes - anxiety, of course; fumbled communication; confused resentment towards another (say, your super supportive business partner); despair; grief police; a frustration hamster wheel; etc., other unnecessary reactions.  That is to say, oof.  All that sounds messy and rather complicated to me.

Here's my philosophy on stress-factory resolution:  

Clear, open lines of communication are key.  

January proved its own stress factory.  (I went so far as to create a Spotify playlist, “2017 | January Calm.” Click, listen, and relax with me.)  

These past 2 weeks went on like a marathon.   All together, now.   Weenta and I completed our 5-year business growth plan - 40 pages in all! Woohoo!.  We made it through pitch competition trials. I submitted print article to local magazine. My best friend made Love You Productions an awesome wall for our very first bridal.  Lastly, we nailed it at our first bridal show.  Yipee!   I definitely cried a little somewhere in the middle of all of that.   I had placed too many expectations on myself to keep up.  

Finally, I voiced my feelings, "Weenta, I am exhausted and full of anxiety! I don't want to go to any more client meetings!"    She voiced her own feelings.  We were honest with each other and adjusted according to our combination of feelings and desires.   

In the end, we both felt clear and accomplished.  

But, the next point is key... When communicating about your experience of particular situation, e.g. "I experience _____x______ emotion while inside of  ______x______circumstance,"....

Do your best to disentangle your feelings from your desires/ideas/opinions/beliefs.  Feelings, desires, opinions are all separate things. 

For instance, at the end of last week, I realized- Oh no!

Love You Back Productions has a wedding commission scheduled at the same time as my family trip. 

Rather than reacting, I simply explained my feelings regarding the circumstance, "Weenta, I feel even more stressed than I did yesterday (feelings)Love You Back Productions has a wedding commission scheduled at the same time as my family trip.  I want to go on the trip (desires). Here is my plan:  We can hire an assistant camera operator for the commission date (ideas).  You can handle the commission on your own (beliefs).  You are free to not like this plan; however, I still have these feelings."

That last line is critical. 

You are free to not like....however, I still have these feelings." 

This experience shows that if I acknowledge the validity of Weenta's feelings, thoughts, ideas, and personal experience, my own feelings will be acknowledged.  So...  In making a collaborative decision, the other person/s' feelings, thoughts, ideas, personal experience/s, etc. are as valid and important if not more so than one's own.

The result was awesome: 

Love You Back Productions has a wedding commission scheduled at the same time as my family trip. I am going on the family trip.  Love You Productions is an assistant camera operator on the commission date.  

Looking back. Mistakes as well as ups and downs are all good and, perhaps, fun...maybe, but serenity is my main goal 2017.    The ups and downs are lessons!  That's key! That's much is true and really, very important, too. The ups and downs are lessons! 

"These past 2 weeks went on like a marathon." Photo taken by Ian MacLellan, photographer extraordinaire in at mile 9 along the Boston Marathon route, April 2013.


Okay. I promised to use this blog to discuss the finer points of video production, and I have yet to do that in this post.  If you have made it this far, let me - 1) shower you with gratitude and praise.  You are so awesome and patient for getting this far into my long-winded blog post.  2) I must inform you that-

I have been talking about video production all along.  hehehe. Wait! Before you close your web page or quit Safari!!!  For what it’s worth, this blog will not end that opaquely. 

(Thought to self: If that’s true, Julia. it doesn’t help to make negative statements like "this blog will not...") 

Let me explain by video production example! :D

Discussion on the "Finer Points of Video Production" starts here:

No expectations went into the making of this video. Watch video above.  This video was a product of fun times and collaborative effort.  Production took a while- 6 months.   This is one of the first videos I ever shot and produced, solo. And I’m still proud of it. I’d say it’s relevant. Not to mention, the video is of my best friends - Erica, Ryan, Jessica, oh yah, Angelei and Anna, make an appearance, too.  Happy Birthday, Jess and Erica!!!!

If you take anything from this blog post, please take the following post-production advice: Do “ripple delete” all the gaps between video clips.    When making this video, I thought to myself, “Oh, gaps between video cuts looks cinematic. The motion simulates a real film reel.”  No.  It doesn’t.  Now, I know.  I think everyone else knows that much, but just in case, any one doesn’t know to “ripple delete” all the gaps between video clips.  You do now.  

"No expectations went into the making of this video."  Also, no expectations went into our pitch. What happened? I think.... We nailed it! - Julia Elizabeth Evans


        Wishing everyone fun times, peace, and serenity! Oooop. Make way for Mardi Gras!


Julia Elizabeth Evans