WEEK IN REVIEW: 10,000 Shout-Outs! / by Love You Back Productions

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This WEEK IN REVIEW is all about how to say 'THANK YOU!'  Time to dish some shout-outs! 10,000 of 'em!  

On SUNDAY, I off-loaded a list of dreams and visions into my journal.  15 minutes of scribbling down every last wild fantasy and practical desire, the process felt good.  The final list had enormous bandwidth, from “vanquish my plantar fasciitis” to “[become] a world famous director.”   

The bullet point that resonated the most, however, was:  “Give creative opportunities to creative people.”   While Love You Back Productions does regularly hire additional camera operators and audio engineers, I wouldn’t say our company is an engine of creative opportunity.   Not yet, at least.   

But, watch us grow!!  This week! Tomorrow.  In 1 year.  In 3 years... On and on, into the future!

"Team Chimera" - collage by Julia Elizabeth Evans, August 2017

"Team Chimera" - collage by Julia Elizabeth Evans, August 2017

10,000 Shout-outs! Let's go!

1) Shout out to Bear for running such a dope life-coaching course!  The original 15-minute exercise was part of Bear Teaches Yoga - Get Shit Done Workshop.  The course's sub-header is "Productivity for Weirdos."  Check it out, here! 

When I shared this idea, that is, to provide “creative opportunities to creative people,” the class of 16 women all smiled in unison.  A few clapped.  The idea of manifesting “creative opportunities for creative people” resonated with everyone.  Does it resonate with you?

Let me just say, if you have ever spent time in New Orleans, then the idea of “creative opportunities for creative people” must invoke something in you.  I say this because….Folks have been providing me with creative opportunities all my life, but...especially in New Orleans and especially recently!!

2) Shout out to Weenta!  You're a Producer on a legit documentary project, now!  You're amazing for taking on my child of a project, Corner Stores, and making it your own.  I feel so supported, and I cannot wait to produce an amazing documentary with you!

3) Shout out to NOVAC for the constant encouragement and community organizing!

4) Shout out to the Jazz and Heritage Foundation, y’all keep culture alive and thriving in this city! Thanks for the grant support!

5) Shout out to the New Orleans Film Society! I cannot wait to get inspired at this year’s film festival!  Woohoo! Only 5 more days!

6) Shout out to Love You Back Productions' collaborators!  And to all those, who inspire us!   My dear, dear, dear, dearest friend, Maximus, is doing prodigious YouTube work!

Happy birthday, Andy Jacuzzi!!!  Colorist, drone operator, video producer extraordinaire! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.09.52 AM.png
In which Maximus describes Ethnography as defined in Gregory Bateson's 1936 book Naven. An introduction to the channel. Music by Det Gamla Landet
Musician, poet, and frontwoman for Tank and the Bangas, Tarriona 'Tank' Ball's outsized hair matches her huge personality. But the New Orleans native wasn't always so expressive. Her life changed dramatically when she fled to Indianapolis during Hurricane Katrina, where her life became both the best and the worst of her life.

7) An eternal, gracious shout goes out to Tarriona 'Tank' Ball.  Tank's glow-up goes to infinity, and she inspires everyone to go beyond.

8) Shout out to John Richie! You are screening a magnum opus of a project at this year’s film festival, and I am counting down the days till the project goes live!   John, you were the greatest joy to work with back in July!  These days, I’m seeing your face here and there as Love You Back Productions completes a collective of commercials for BBC.*  

*Shout out to BBC Destination Management Company! We keep mentioning y’all, but it goes without saying, you’ve provided Love You Back Productions ample opportunity to stretch its creative wings.

Introduction to the "WaterWays" film series, a project of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, supported by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation. Directed by John Richie, Edited by Chris Robert. Narrator: Richie Blink. Music by Lost Bayou Ramblers.
Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 9.46.23 AM.png
Director / Art Direction: Sarrah Danziger: http://www.sarrahdanziger.com/ Choreogrphay: Aari Kolache

9) Shout out to Nisa East!  Your work is so alive.  You've been with us on some great wedding film projects.  We cannot wait to see all of what Backyard Film Festival has to offer.  Moreover, future collaborations are in the works. 

10) Shout out to Urban League of New Orleans.  A fresh, young batch of women entrepreneurs is coming your way, starting in November.   If you are a woman in business, you would be remiss not to tap into the Urban League's resources and amazing support system!

/ /

10,000 shout-outs for the city of New Orleans.  You are about to turn 300-years-old.  I've only been around for 2 of those years, but the whole time, you’ve been so gracious and welcoming!

I am beyond humbled.  

To that end, I imagine most folks associate New Orleans with creative people.  But as this post makes clear, thou mayest associate New Orleans with creative opportunities.   Thus, shout-out to New Orleans, the city where creative people thrive and creative opportunities flourish!

Look forward to another year in business! Cheers, everyone!  

Love You Back,