WEEK IN REVIEW: Love from our Kickstarter, Update #1 / by Love You Back Productions

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Shout out to Jazz & Heritage Foundation's Community Partnership Grant.  With the support of Jazz & Heritage Foundation, I get to hire my best friend to produce an original film score! Woohoo!

This WEEK IN REVIEW reaches you from our metaphorical KICKSTARTER newsdesk.  For the next month, we will be reporting with LOVE from our kickstarter page.  

This week, we did some calculations.  Weenta and Julia keep thinking, thinking....how do we achieve KICKSTARTER VICTORY?....beep boup beep [robotic sounds]...

$200 a day x 30 = $6,000

That means, Weenta and Julia need— 

20 FRIENDS PER DAY to donate $10. 


10 FRIENDS PER DAY to donate $20. 

We got a lot of friends.  So, this is no probs. Easy peasy.   Would you like to join the celebration? Come out of woodwork! Donate today. Woohoo. 

Have an amazing weekend!

-Jules and Weenta