THE WEEK IN REVIEW: Making Improvements--VROOM VROOM! / by Love You Back Productions

Scoot Scoot! 

This week, Julia gets a new scooter.  

Julia's often anxious about driving, especially since she has narcolepsy. She's an avid biker, but with an industrial canal and train tracks between us, the 40 minute bike ride (one way) is a bitch. So Julia and Nik went scooter shopping. The new scoot has drastically improved her quality of life.

Watch the video above to see just what I mean. 

The other big news of the week is...

Love You Back productions is in the process of rebranding. 

If you know our story, you know we just spent the last 6 months bringing our businesses together and carefully crafting our brand. So why the rebrand? 

While Julia was away on her family vacation to Aspen, I watched a webinar that made me reevaluate my outlook on our entire wedding business. I realized that although we've done our best to highlight our personalities and emphasize our company values, we still weren't setting ourselves apart from the crowd. 

The webinar was produced by Muse Storytelling, an offshoot of Stillmotion, an Emmy award winning production company that got their start in wedding films. I've discussed the Stillmotion brand on our blog before

It was taught by Patrick Moreau, one of Stillmotion's co-founders. It was entitled, "How to Build an Irresistible Wedding Brand that Sells."

At the height of their wedding production business, Stillmotion was charging between $20-$50k for their wedding films. Their secret? Prioritize good storytelling above all else, and spend quality time getting to know the couples that you enjoy, rather than increasing the quantity of weddings you film per year.

As a part of the webinar, each participant was required to come up with 5 keywords that summarize their brand. Here's ours:

Love You Back Productions 5 Branding Keywords

1. Intentional - You've put thought and attention into the details of your wedding. Nothing is random, everything has a special meaning to you and your fiancĂ©. 

2. Carefree - You describe yourself as laid-back. While you've put tons of thought into your wedding day, you're not too worried if things go off script. After all, nothing's perfect.  

3. Playful - You have a playful spirit and a fun attitude. You're not shy to do a silly dance at your reception or tell jokes during your toasts.  

4. Authentic - You're personality shines through. You're being yourself, always. 

5. Share - Once the wedding day is over, you're so excited to share your wedding film online and on social media with all of your friends and family. 

We're ready to take our 5 branding keywords and use them as inspiration for our new wedding website. We're aiming to get it up and running in the next two weeks.  

We've also decided that we're splitting our current website into two separate websites. That means our wedding business will have it's own url, separate from our short commercial business.

It feels so crazy doing a rebrand after we spent 6 months combining our two businesses to create the website that we have now.

A big part of entrepreneurship means that you're constantly responding to feedback and creating new iterations. While the rebrand is an upheaval that can feel overwhelming at times, the two of us are looking forward to making improvements and showing potential clients who we really are.