THE WEEK IN REVIEW: Summer Time is Crunch Time / by Love You Back Productions

This week,  Weenta  and  Julia  check out the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument. 

This week, Weenta and Julia check out the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument. 

Julia and I have been taking some time apart while Julia wraps up post-production on her documentary.

We both went to see the Robert E. Lee statue come down on Friday. We got there at 8:30am, but it didn't actually come down until way later in the day. We used to joke that Julia spent more time with me than her live-in partner Nik, but that's drastically changed since she started working on her documentary full time. Our meet up at the statue was the first time we've seen each other in person in a few weeks.

We took a short break from the monument action and hopped on Julia's scooter to check out Ashe Powerhouse Theater. We'll be shooting a video there for a very special 90th birthday party. There will be a surprise reveal of the video for the birthday party, so we'll say more about this project in a future blog post.  

Luckily their stage manager was there so we got to do a lighting test on their stage. Their house lights are spectacular, which was awesome to find out -- great lighting is not a resource we're used to having. 

Learning how to work the switchboard at Ashe.

Learning how to work the switchboard at Ashe.

Also, BIG news: I'll be leaving the Big Easy for the Big Apple this summer. I'm preparing to go to New York City for 2 1/2 months!

What will I be doing? Selling real estate! I've always thought I'd be a damn good real estate agent, so I'm packing up and moving to New York for the summer to try it out. 

Some of my very best friends are in New York. They moved there the same time I moved to New Orleans. Personally, I think I made the better choice (haha). They started working as real estate agents renting apartments in Brooklyn. I've been saying for months that I'd be great at that job.

Here's my chance to prove it. 

I've stuck around the past two summers in New Orleans, but this time I'll be leaving like so many others. New York pace of living couldn't be more different than New Orleans, and I'm excited to experience it. 

Love You Back Productions will be running on an altered schedule for the summer. We'll stop sales operations June 15th. We'll be on official hiatus for the entire month of July. Julia will be managing the business in August, and we'll be back in full swing in September.