THE WEEK IN REVIEW: New Beginnings...fade to black! / by Love You Back Productions

This week, Julia and Weenta blast off!  Starting today, we begin our respective summer excursions.  Weenta journeys up to New York.  Y’all already know. I’m off to Arkansas!

Before sailing away, we squeezed in a few last minute appointments and commitments.  

Okay. Okay.  I cannot contain my excitement.  Tuesday was fun galore! Refer to above photos.  Weenta and I shot our new “website bio photos.”   

Weenta directed a la Tyra Banks.  “Tyra says you got to laugh hysterically.   You have to laugh out loud.  Laugh loud.  Non stop.”  Thanks for the hot tip, Tyra.  Also, thanks to Melanie for being the photo shoot sidekick!

Which one will land on our new website?!!

On Wednesday, our new website went live.  But it’s still super secret.  Exciting news, though! Our launch is set for July!

Also! On Wednesday, Love You Back Productions | Wedding Films followed up on a happy connection made at last week’s New Orleans Bride Magazine | June 2017 Bride Show.  We got things going with Patricia Norman and Kristen Raunch of I Do by PK Events, a boutique event and wedding coordination company.   

Their speciality is “elopement weddings."  An “elopement wedding” is for the couple so swooned in love they want to keep things simple but still celebrate in an elaborate way.  The formula:

Contact I Do by PK Events.  Patricia and Kristen cover logistics, down to the last minute inspired idea - “butterflies in Jackson Square.” Swoop into this beautiful city we call home and get hitched with style.   We document everything.

Oh! Oh! On Thursday, Julia completed her documentary, Corner Stores, not without a little help her friends.  ***Ringo Starr vocals cut in. 

Weenta gave me a flash lesson on audio mastering for documentary.  After a 3 month stint editing audio tracks with NPR, I’m still one to take pointers on audio post-production.

On the same day, Weenta and I said bye forever!!!!  CUT TO BLACK!  Just kidding.  I’m holding down the fort for the summer.  Weenta returns early, early September. 

Jump Cut.   [Back to Monday.] 

Earlier this week, I found this lovely apple television commercial.  The entire video is shot without a tri-pod or any post-production camera stabilizer effects.  This run and gun style of shooting and post-production editing choice is bold.   If a video producer chooses not to use a tri-pod or neglects to take the time to fix "camera shake" in post-production, the final video feels flawed and amateurish.  Yet, this piece does not appear flawed.

This commericial - "newBeginnings" is elegant and powerful.  This style of shooting in this particular instance of superb execution makes the video's characters so immediately relatable.  Cannot wait to replicate in future productions. 

Love You Back (xEndless Summer Suns),

Julia Elizabeth Evans