THE WEEK IN REVIEW: "It's an alternate universe!" / by Love You Back Productions

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In June, BBC Destination Management Company hired Love You Back Productions for its biggest production to date! The mission: 1) cover 3 events managed by BBC and 2) create 6 mini-documentaries about the company.  

During the LYB x BBC pre-production meeting, I asked BBC's Director of Operations, Denise Malo, "what makes this event unique?"   The amazing, super-star spectacular Denise took off her glasses for dramatic effect and answered, "this event is the kind of event that happens once every 10 years."

My ass almost flew off the seat, right then and there.  I was so excited.  Cut to mid-July. Turns out - Denise spoke truthfully.  The event was Beach Body's Coach Summit.  

Tuesday.  Before the Beach Body tornado touched Earth, I toured the shoot locations with BBC's Creative Services Manager, Katy.    Throughout the intensity of back-to-back shoots, Katy stood by as an information and coordination touchstone. 

During the location tour, we stopped by The Sugar Mill.  The Sugar Mill is a gorgeous bare-bones warehouse that is cool as f**k.   It is one of those spots in New Orleans that emanates an ineffable feeling of the past mixed with what's contemporary.  Y'all know what I'm talking about.   Well, The Sugar Mill is a rad event locations.  

Shout out to Brandi over at The Sugar Mill! Thanks for everything!

Wednesday was all about #DecorbyJeanne.   By Jeanne's direction, BBC personnel transformed a barren warehouse into a voodoo sanctuary.   Can't give too much away!  Let me share photos  from BBC's Instagram Page.  See above.

Wednesday was the first of many spectacular shoots. I had to make an impression.  Feedback from BBC staff on Wednesday: "I never saw you!" "You were everywhere!"  "You never stopped once!" "You move so quickly!"

In video production, making an impression means getting out of the way.  We are documentary filmmakers at Love You Back Productions.  Our job is to be a fly on the wall.  A fast-moving fly on the wall.  #Fullcoveragemode!

When Wednesday's 2 shoots concluded, I thought to myself - This is the best footage is the best I've ever taken.... Baha! I could not imagine all that was in store on Friday and Saturday.

Friday!  Friday's spectacle trumped Wednesday's thrills!  It was a Mardi Gras World Spectacle. (Note: Bet you can't wait to see these still shots move! Check back late September!) 

At one point on Friday evening, a Beachbody sponsored video producer came up to me and asked, "who are you shooting with?"

When I answered, "I'm shooting with BBC," he beamed a broad smile and responded with the most gleeful energy, "I knew the [internationalnews was here, covering this event!" [hahaha.]  

This guy truly believed - the whole world should know about Friday's spectacle!   It just goes to show....BBC Destination Management is really good at event planning! 

Quick note: the video producer's name was Robert.  After production finished, I took him out for Pho at Singleton's Mini Mart.  

Saturday 4 am Turn Up!  On Saturday, July 15, Poydras was shut down.  Y'all were fast asleep.  Following Friday's all-night shoot and midnight shenanigans, BBC called Love You Back back for a 4am shoot.  Saturday's mission: get footage of Beach Body Super Workout!

My go-getter video side-kick, the amazing John-Richie arrived before me. I got there, totally unconvinced that anyone would turn out for a 5 am 2 hour workout!  I WAS WRONG!  20,000 people participated!  Everyone - decked out in full Beach Body workout garb!

I have no idea how to explain it. Photos give you a glimpse.  Check out photos below.

With thorough preparation in June, the week happened with no stress at all!  

I must say: BBC Destination Management is gorgeously oiled machine.  Beach Body's maelstrom manifested as a thrilling, streamlined week of production!  So many congratulations are owed to the entire BBC staff.  Wow!   What a beautiful "program," deeply impressive, world-rocking series of events!!!    

If only I could list all the adjectives that fill my head! Alas, that would be poor writing.  The week ends with a memorable quote from the illustrious Bonnie Boyd, President and CEO of BBC Destination Management, "It's an alternate universe."

Love You Back Productions is currently in post-production for the project.  The objective is to make 30 second to 1 minute videos, optimized for social media.  Final videos will be finished in September.  Learn more about our videos, optimized for social media and the web - here.

Yes!!! Oh! One last thing, I celebrated my 26th birthday earlier this month, and a double rainbow occurred!   Success ahead!

Here's a snapshot of the fun.   Note: Only 1/4 of 1 rainbow is pictured below.  Basking in the double-rainbow glory, I did not get my camera out in time to catch the phenomenon!