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Howdy, y’all!  HUGE annoucements:


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LAST WEEK.  Corner Stores documentary has a facebook page!  

Woot woot! (Finally.) 

Julia created a source of information for her Corner Stores documentary.  Check out her   She's been working hard on the documentary front.  The project is now sponsored by New Orleans Video Access Center.  

CALL TO SUPPORT! For all our dearest friends, y'all, Weenta and Julia ask that you 1) "like" the Corner Stores facebook page and 2) invite 5-10 of your interested, curious, close friends to like the page!

This kind of stuff has a pattern to work exponentially! :)

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Flip the script. This week has been hard.  Our neighbors and loved ones over in Houston, throughout Southeast Texas, and in West Louisiana are stuck handling the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey.

In New Orleans, we had minimal rain.  Today, I am counting my blessings.  From Austin to LaGrange and over in Houston, all my loved ones are safe post-Harvey.


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As for our WEEK IN REVIEW, on MONDAY, 350.org hired Julia as their local sound and camera operator.   She worked with Colette Pichon Battle on a narration piece.  Colette Pichon Battle is a local attorney and founder of Gulf Coast Center for Law & Police. 350.org wrote Colette’s script.

An excerpt from the 350.org narration script:

"Twelve years after Hurricane Katrina, Gulf communities continue to fight for their rights to stay on their land, for clean air and water and to live in save affordable communities. The true crisis facing people in the south has been built over decades by industries that drain the Gulf region of its resources. But Frontline communities are resisting policies and practices that extract power from their communities.

In Plaquemines Parish, the impact of extractive industries have a direct correlation on the erosion of Louisiana’s southern coast and on-going damage to residential homes and local businesses.

…. It’s up to us to stand up to big corporations, hold our leaders accountable and protect the human rights of communities that call the Gulf South their home."

Very heavy content.  It's important to note: 350.org contracted Love You Back in order to make a commemoration video for the 12 year Katrina anniversary.   Turns out, this year's commemoration is eerily poignant.


This blog is not political, but right now, the Houston, the Gulf South’s largest city, is flooded.  It's time to get to take note, y'all!  Protecting our environment is not about politics.  It's about basic security and basic posterity.   

These are our cities! These are our homes.  The fact is our Southern cities suffer the immediate consequences of global climate change.  If you are from the South, conservation is important to you.  20 years from now, the American South could completely vanish.  To be real with y’all, that's the most painful thing about Harvey and about Katrina's commemoration is the ever-precarious state of the South. 

350.org is right.  It’s up to all of us. 

Where do we start?  Conversation and reflection.  We need to talk about ideas.  It's time to clear up our notions and clarify our consciousness about climate change, environmental protection, and conservation.   

The big thing Harvey proved is…. Protecting the environment means protecting the American South.     

If we listen, the big thing as 350.org explains is….Protecting the environment means standing up to big corporations, whose industry create irreputable harm to our land and homes in Louisiana, Texas, and across the Gulf South.

Where do go from, here?  Let’s write to Senator Kennedy.  Let’s make sure conservation and environmental protections are a hotbotton issue for our local election.

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On TUESDAY.  The historic Carver theater screened BIG CHARITY to commemorate the 12 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  After the film, Alexander Glustrom, the documentary director, came by for a short Q&A. 

“…are you from New Orleans, why did make the documentary?” a woman asked Alexander Glustrom Tuesday night. His answer: “I am not from New Orleans. I’ve just always had an obsession with abandoned buildings.”

Glutstom's answer was exactly the same 2 years ago when he answered the same question at the 2015 Patois Film Festival. His honesty was the same, too. Glustrom was humble. Charity is sacred.

The story is, Glustrom had been working at the now-closed Boys and Girls club on Iberville, which sat in Charity’s shadow. Curiosity inspired further investigation. Thank goodness, too. The story of Big Charity is not only essential to New Orleans. A story of politics, federal relief budgets, and ordinary people, who are the heros, Big Charity is critical story right now. Southeast Texas continues rescue mode.

Seeing BIG CHARITY and hearing from the Director at the 2015 Patois Film Festival inspired my production on the Corner Stores documentary. It also inspires Corner Stores' ongoing production.

BIG CHARITY took 5 years to complete.  “The story keeps unfolding,” he explained last night after the last night’s screening.

Photo taken by Julia at the 2015 Patois Film Festival, where she saw Alexander Glustrom discuss his process of documentary filmmaking.  Blast from the past!

Photo taken by Julia at the 2015 Patois Film Festival, where she saw Alexander Glustrom discuss his process of documentary filmmaking.  Blast from the past!


When Harvey gets you down, you wanna know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming!

THURSDAY.  Julia moved to MidCity!    Weenta and I are neighbors!! Woot Woot!

FINALLY, on SATURDAY….Weenta returned home!  Starting Tuesday (after Labor Day), summer officially ends.  With the new fall season, we return to our regular work schedule: meetings, deadlines,  weddings, sales pitching, call sheets, and constant renovation.

Sending our spirit and all our strength to Houston and Southeast Texas!

Love You Back,