WEEK IN REVIEW: Back in business, baby! / by Love You Back Productions

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We are back in business, baby!

After a pretty week in Cincinnati, Weenta and I stormed New Orleans.   Production, production, production, and finally some recognition!

On Saturday, Weenta and Julia grabbed classic shots in New Orleans.  BBC Destination Management Company hired Love You Back Production to produce a short commercial, showcasing New Orleans to conventions and large company visitors.  The video asks the question, “What is New Orleans?”

We took a lot of our inspiration from this well-crafted video on Dublin.  Check it out!

Monday - After some brainstorming, Love You Back Productions came up this answer: 

New Orleans is….Home.                                                                                                    New Orleans is where- the French Quarter is your backyard.  Everywhere is a 5 minute walk. Down-home cooking meets award winning…..

The answer is the theme of our short commercial. Wait for the final video to see and experience Love You Back Productions’ whole story.

Thursday - I’ll cut the anticipation short, this week.   From Tuesday to Thursday, Love You Back Productions hunkered down in the editing studio.  Love You Back Productions completed 2 of 6 videos for the aforementioned company, BBC Destination Management Company.   

Note: we’re always working hard for our clients.  You know the saying, “one can never be too kind [to the client].” 

The same is true - one can never work too hard for the client.   Our client’s love is our main motivation.  For BBC to contract Love You Back for a second video production is the greatest honor.  


The whole story is not yet complete.  Love You Back Productions has 4 more videos to create.  To preview the production, check out this final cut: 

The story will be EPIC for sure epic.  On that note…. 


Back track to Tuesday - our Co-Director, Julia Elizabeth Evans, received a documentary production grant from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.   2 years in the making, Julia is still telling corner store stories.  The grant will enable Julia to continue working on the Corner Stores documentary with Weenta as her producer!  Thank you so much for the acknowledgement, Jazz & Heritage!

Wednesday, last week, I got so inspired. I shared some of my writing at Antenna, New Orleans.  Check it out! What an honor! 

On Wednesday, Weenta shared this -

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Featuring interviews with couples of all ages, this episode explores the joys and difficulties of being in a relationship. - Humans of New York

Featuring interviews with couples of all ages, this episode explores the joys and difficulties of being in a relationship. - Humans of New York

What’s your favorite scene?   Weenta and I have a favorite.  Can you guess which interview we loved the most?    Hint: Medium wide shot, background, mets jerseys and cherry blossoms.  

Thank you, Humans of New York, for the amazing storytelling as well as the excellent inspiration!  I cannot explain in words all that this video evokes.   Love You Back Productions is so inspired.  

Stay tuned! October will be a month for weddings.  We couldn’t be more thrilled!  One last piece, Love You Back Productions strives for excellence.  That means, wholesome storytelling and strong visual motifs.  

Woohoo! It's been a tough but rewarding week. And...finally, it’s Friday!  Thanks all for reading! :D

Love You Back!


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