WEEK IN REVIEW: "Nat Geo Experience." / by Love You Back Productions


This WEEK IN REVIEW is a quintessential week in review.  Let's plow through it.


On MONDAY, I was jazzed after a jam-packed weekend of Aikido, wherein Weenta and I met with 3 funk musicians of the Soul Project.  We hashed out pre-production logistics, scanned a video production budget, and penciled the Saturday before Mardi Gras into Love You Back Productions' calendar.  

Our Monday morning meeting ended with 1 of the musicians saying, "We're performing on a float. Man, I've never even been on a float!"  "Me, neither!" I exclaimed!   More on the Soul Project and on Mardi Gras float shoots to come in future weeks. (!!!!)

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.33.31 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.37.10 PM.png


TUESDAY began before dawn, before first light even.  Weenta and I chased the son on the Mid-City bayou in order to prepare for our commercial shoot with Our Family Farm.  Following those shenanigans, the two of us raced over to the river where Crescent City Farmers' Market hosts its Tuesday market.  

With gray skies overhead, our drone operator captured the market's bustle, Our Family Farm's cheer, and New Orleans unique environs.  On the ground, Weenta and I captured Our Family Farm interactions with customers and the details of its stall, all of with brightness and cheer.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.37.44 PM.jpg


Wednesday arrived all too quickly with a 3:30 AM Call Time. Yup.  Our 3-man production crew banded together, and we set off for Amite, LA at 3:57 AM.  Early even.  

What followed a dark but giddy, hour-ish long ride up river was magical.  Here's the preview.  Those sheep were hard to wrangle into a decent shot on the camera.  The herd kept skipping away when I went in. 

Imagine.  Me, squatted in the meadows. Wrapped up in a right yellow rain slicker.  Trucking along with my A7sii and a long 70-200mm zoom lens, stacked on a monopod.  I'd run and crouch. Run and crouch. Trying to get THE SHOT all while the soft light of sunrise rapidly distilled into daylight.

Weenta and I laughed later on because our little sheep shoot felt like a real Nat Geo experience.  Returning to New Orleans around 12 noon, I spent the rest of the day, drawing and watching Gilmore Girls.  Hehe.  Here's the preview. Check back in mid-February to see the final product.  :)



Oof! With horrendous Call Times behind us, Thursday finally settled in.  Feeling a bit groggy, Weenta and I started our day with a detailed conversation about financials.  The operating question being, when will the business pay us back for our new cameras?

BIG NEWS— Love You Back Productions invested in 2 new cameras for yours truly. Yippiiiee! Now, when will the company pay yours truly back for those new cameras?  We settled on March.  

"Thursday, oof! Friday, yay!" - photo taken on December 29, 2017 of Ryuta Iwashita and Zen Omi by Julia Elizabeth Evans

"Thursday, oof! Friday, yay!" - photo taken on December 29, 2017 of Ryuta Iwashita and Zen Omi by Julia Elizabeth Evans


Now, it's FRIDAY, YAY! Weenta and I have a whole day of interviews for the Corner Stores documentary coming up on Sunday.  As I write to you, we're preparing for that.  See you on the flip side.  It's time to GO AND MAKE A MOVIE!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Love You Back,