LOVE IN REVIEW: Shot-skis in Aspen! / by Love You Back Productions

18.07.10-July 4th Aspen Trip (2 of 2).jpg

What do we have for y'all, this week?  More Instagram videos!! Scroll down, and you'll see them.  We're extra proud of them, this week.   Julia just got back from Colorado.  That means, these Insta puppies are gonna be b-e-a-utiful! Yippie!  

Note about this blog post's title:  YES! Julia DID take shots off a ski.  She did it with her cousins.  No, she doesn't have a worthy photo/video to show for it.  It was fun, tho! Quality family time, yah hear?

Screenshot 2018-07-12 20.19.59.png
Screenshot 2018-07-12 20.20.14.png
Screenshot 2018-07-12 20.19.35.png

After flying off the curtails of a wildfire, Julia returns to New Orleans excited and rejuvenated.  While we've been away, Weenta tidied up a series of Instagram videos for The Drifter Hotel.  Check out the iOS dimensions.  The Drifter Hotel video series is formatted for Instagram's new TV feed.

Right now, we just have a few screen grabs for you. The format is definitely odd.  For us, at least. I'm always telling folks to rotate their phone.  Take your videos, horizontally.  Make it look more cinematic!!!

Now, Instagram is making us, the professionals, rotate our cameras, vertically! It feels somewhat intimate, as though you, the viewer, are the one taking the video.  You are the one holding up the iPhone, recording everything.  Cool, huh?  I (Julia) think so! 

18.07.10-July 4th Aspen Trip (1 of 1).jpg

Beyond all that hubbub, let's look back at Aspen.  Above and below are some photos. :)

18.07.10-July 4th Aspen Trip (1 of 2).jpg

Here's some videos!!!