Unparalleled in Size | BBC Destination Management | Short Commercial

On July 15, 2017, on New Orleans’ busiest, two-way street, the “Super Workout” included 20,000 participants, celebrity trainers and 100s of behind-the- scenes staff. An event of this magnitude had never been done in New Orleans. 

From securing permits to ensuring an efficient production setup to cleanup (within 10 hours) BBC Destination Management Company made this dream a reality.  - Katy Bertrand, BBC DMC Creative Services Manager

At Love You Back Productions, we’ve never been so amazed!  BBC DMC created a truly remarkable spectacle for the eyes. Love You Back captured everything!!  Watch.  We dare you NOT to be amazed! 


Sizzle Reel | Love You Back Productions

The following video is a 30 second video, featuring footage from all our favorite shots. The video is a documentary, in spirit.   Yes, we shoot live events around the city.  But, what is most important -

We capture the personality of New Orleans' through the city's movers, groovers, and hosts.


Larger Than Life | BBC Destination Management Company | Short Commercial

BBC Destination Management Company produced two mind-blowing events for 6,200 sales winners at the iconic Mardi Gras World. Unbeknownst to night's attendees, both would eventually come together for an explosive surprise grand finale. - Katy Bertrand, BBC DMC's Creative Services Manager

During Love You Back's video production, another sponsored video producer came up to Julia and asked, "Who are you shooting with?"  When Juli answered, "I'm shooting with BBC DMC," he smiled full of glee.  "I knew the news was here, covering this event!" This guy truly believed - the whole world should know about BBC DMC's LARGER THAN LIFE EVENT.

Corner Stores Doc. | Trailer

This trailer walks through footage produced by Julia Elizabeth Evans between 2015-2017 for the short documentary, /Corner Stores/.  /Corner Stores/ is a 501(c)(3) sponsored documentary film.

The people represented in video footage, including Beau of Singleton's Mini Mart, Kirk Frady of Frady’s One-Stop Food Store, are Gene of Gene's Po Boys, are characters to be featured in short documentary.

Why aren't there more black engineers?

A video for Xavier University about the topic of stereotype threat among african american engineers. 

Drone Footage Reel

The above video reel previews our company's work with drone cameras.  The footage is taken from a short film, produced by Julia Elizabeth Evans in June 2017.  All footage shot in Ouachita and Little Rock, Arkansas by company's contracted UAV supervisor - Andy Jacuzzi.  Music featured in video - "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzolla.

Slow Food NOLA

Slow Food New Orleans is an organization dedicated to clean, fair and healthy food. Slow Food emphasizes the value of community teaches the values of ethical food through their community garden and outreach programming in New Orleans. 

K 10 | Yoga on the Levee

8 am on a Saturday, 300+ neighbors and folks from all over New Orleans gathered on the Holy Cross levee.  Such a turn out stunned all the K10 event organizers.   In a mid-day interview with Lauren, she exclaims, “to see everyone, eyes closed and breathing together (pause) – we have all had tons of experience over the past 10 years and to all come together and get rooted in this moment, now.  [ To say,] ‘ I’m here. I’m on the levee. I’m with my community, and I’m letting go.’ That’s powerful. You see that.  And you can feel that.”  Documenting K10, morning to evening, was in the truest sense of the word- awesome.

Bastille Day 2015 - Full Promo

Bastille Day is a chance to celebrate New Orleans’ french influence and heritage -- with a New Orleans brass band mixed in for good measure.   

Water, as it Appears - preview

Water, as it appears, a story of Dhaka City. There is a common expression in Bengali - pannier upper naam jibon. The direct translation is "water is another word for life."

Bangladesh is a country of water with an environment full of lush green, numerous rivers and basins, endless monsoons, yet the majority of people still cannot get sufficient access to water. Inside of Dhaka, water is found either bottled or polluted, black, whereby access to drinking water makes obvious the disparity between communities.

This is a story about access in Dhaka, following three girls and their everyday experience with water and their city.

Their stories illustrate the happy heart and spirit characteristic of all Bangladeshis as well as the stakes of rapid growth in Dhaka, a city out-spent of its water.


Housing NOLA is not just a 10 year plan, it’s a 10 year process. It’s benchmarks lay out how communities can provide high-quality, safe and accessible housing affordable to individuals and families of all income levels throughout New Orleans. The individuals featured in this video represent a cross section of organizations and community members striving for a better, more livable New Orleans.