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Un Petit Mariage


Un Petit Mariage is our highlight video package.  It features our intimate Short Wedding Film.

1-hour, in-person, down-to-details lunch/coffee date prior to event. Let us treat you!

5 hours, intimate documentary coverage of wedding.

2 camera operators for ceremony coverage.

3-4 minute Short Wedding Film set to music of your choice.

Final product is delivered via shareable/downloadable Vimeo link.


En Cinéma Vérité


This is our most popular package.   

En Cinéma Vérité means "truthful filmmaking."  We capture your whole wedding day, exactly as it happened.  

The final wedding film includes sound bytes from special moments, incorporated into a Whole Story Documentary.

This package includes full, "uncut footage" of your ceremony! 

2-hour down-to-details lunch date prior to event.  Let us treat you! 

Ever seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi or The Last Waltz? This package entails formal execution of the documentary filmmaking process.

8-9 hours, intimate documentary coverage of wedding.

2 camera operators for ceremony coverage.

5-6 minute Whole Story Documentary set to your choice of music + sound bytes from vows and special moments.

.5-1 hour ceremony videography reel, i.e. "uncut footage" of the ceremony polished and edited into a movie.

Final product is delivered to personal mailing address 64GB USB FLASH DRIVE + digital delivery of 3-4 minute highlight documentary via shareable/downloadable Vimeo link.




VideoGraphy + Photography by Compass South Weddings | $2,750

Yes, we do photography!  Make your wedding film package full-service!  Love You Back Productions | Wedding Films has a very exclusive collaboration with photographers at Compass South Weddings.

Minimize your stress! Make it full-service!  Love You Back works with good friends and photographs over at Compass South Weddings, Akasha Rabut and Claire Bangser.  Akasha and Claire approach each wedding like an editorial assignment, seeking to capture the most powerful moments and compelling details authentically and unobtrusively


Drone Footage | $1000

The proverbial term to describe your wedding day is...."THE BIG DAY."  Let us capture it as such.  Drone footage adds drama and gorgeous effect to our intimate video footage. Do you want to remember your wedding day exactly as it was - "THE BIG DAY?"  This à la carte wedding film option is recommended for outdoor ceremonies during daylight hours.


Pre-Wedding Adventure | $750 

This is our favorite à la carte wedding film option!  At Love You Back Productions, we emphasize your whole story.   Everyday is not like your wedding day.  You and your partner are more dynamic than just a lady in a wedding dress and a gentlemen in a suit!  Let's have some fun together.  Let's document your fullest personality!  Love You Back Productions films a pre-wedding day adventure of your choosing.


Rehearsal Dinner | $850

Would you like to remember your rehearsal dinner?  All the toasts! All the jokes, tears, and smiles!  We create a polished and edited videography reel of your rehearsal dinner.  The most poignant part of this à la carte item is - Love You Back Productions incorporates toasts from your rehearsal dinner into your wedding film (2 hrs. of coverage time). 


Ceremony + Reception $1500

Relive each and every moment of your wedding, frame by frame! Full footage of your ceremony and reception polished and edited into a  1.5-2 hour wedding videography reel for your to watch and re-watch in your home. Final product is delivered to personal mailing address 64GB USB FLASH DRIVE.





No Additional costs

No additional charges will be applied.  All taxes, basic travel, and service fees are covered in flat rate. Note: If travel time to wedding location takes more than 1 hour, a travel fee of $35 per hour + cost of gas will incur.